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Dr. Florence Lockhart: Vancouver’s Cosmetic Dentist

Florence Lockhart, DDS, has been providing cosmetic dentistry services for almost two decades. She is passionate about creating healthy, beautiful smiles. Dr. Lockhart understands the positive impact a great smile can have on people’s self confidence, careers and lives. That’s why she is pleased to offer a wide array of cosmetic dentistry services to help patients straighten, brighten, reshape and enhance their teeth. After all, gorgeous smiles aren’t just for movie stars. Everyone has the right to flash a smile that makes them look and feel good. 

As one of Vancouver’s premier cosmetic dentists, Dr. Lockhart is dedicated to delivering high-quality services in a pleasant customer-centered atmosphere. She pays careful attention to her patients’ concerns, preferences and needs to ensure they receive the best possible results. Her reputation—and their smile—depend on it. Dr. Lockhart’s menu of in-office procedures includes Lumineers dental veneers, tooth whitening, tooth-colored fillings, porcelain onlays, Empress and Zirconium crowns, and invisible and traditional braces. Whether teeth are stained, chipped or even severely crooked, Dr. Lockhart can correct the problem to create the smile that you want.   

Understanding the Art of Cosmetic Dentistry
Everyone who graduates from dental school is a general dentist, but not all of them are cosmetic dentists. Cosmetic dentistry isn’t a legally-recognized specialty, yet professionals who focus their practice in this area are at their craft. Cosmetic dentists concentrate on the creative side of dentistry—on the art of producing attractive smiles.

As a cosmetic dentist, Dr. Lockhart has completed years of additional extensive education and training. She is…

Other Great Reasons to Choose Dr. Florence Lockhart …
Experience: A veteran in the field of cosmetic dentistry, Dr. Lockhart has been practicing dentistry for 17 years.
Expertise: Dr. Lockhart combines skills, the materials and the latest techniques in cosmetic dentistry to produce dramatic results. 
Products: Options offered by Dr. Lockhart include Invisalign invisible braces, Lumineers porcelain veneers, Zoom/Sapphire tooth whitening, and attractive metal-free restorations.
High Quality, Personalized Service: Dr. Lockhart delivers the level of service to provide her patients with the beautiful smiles they deserve. Her goal is to give patients the exact look they want, whether it involves a minor enhancement or a complete smile restoration.
Location: Dr. Lockhart’s practice is conveniently located in the Arbutus North Dental Center at 2090 West 4th Ave. in Vancouver, one of the friendliest, most spectacular cities in the world.

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